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Activated Sludge Process

Activated Sludge Process

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The Activated Sludge Process Is The Most Important Biological Process In Water Treatment. CE 705 Enables This Process To Be Demonstrated.

A Pump Delivers Raw Water Contaminated With Dissolved Organic Substances (Organic Matter) Into The Aeration Tank. Aerobic Microorganisms (Activated Sludge) In The Aeration Tank Use The Organic Matter As A Source Of Nutrition, Biodegrading It In The Process. Since Aerobic Microorganisms Need Oxygen, The Raw Water Is Aerated In The Aeration Tank. The Activated Sludge Is Mixed With The Raw Water By Stirring Machines. In The Secondary Clarifier The Activated Sludge Is Then Separated From The Treated Water By Sedimentation. A Portion Of The Activated Sludge Is Returned To The Aeration Tank (Return Sludge). The Treated Water Is Collected In A Tank.

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant In Laboratory Scale
  • Aerobic Biological Degradation Of Organic Substances
  • Nitrification And Pre-Denitrification