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ANSI C Compiler

ANSI C Compiler

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Product Description

ANSI C Compiler

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of ANSI C Compiler.

Target support

All 8051 are supported, no specific assumptions.

Full 32-bit IEEE floating point support.

Write interrupt handlers in C.

Access up to 16 MB code and address space.

Place global objects in any space: direct internal RAM, indirect internal RAM, external RAM, code, bit.

ANSI C compiler

Full support for the ANSI C language

Especially designed for ext. Harvard architectures

Include assembly language in your C programs

Compiler writes 100% assembler sourcecode

Integral support for source level debugging

Superior code quality due to powerful optimizer


Fast macro assembler with rich directives

Access assembler functions from C.


Strip linker compresses the code to the minimum.

Output formats: binary and Intel Hex (more soon).

Downloader / source level debugger

Complete OS for downloading programs on development boards (RAM) included as source code.

Write programs to a Flash memory.

C level single line stepping.

Terminal program included.


Subset of ANSI C library (including strings and printf()).

I2C bus librarie with complete sourcecode.

Open printf()-formatter (i.e. write your own lcd_printf()).