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Autoclaves are widely used in health care arena and in research laboratories for effective destruction of all sorts of living microorganisms. Accessible in triple walled and double walled construction options and vertical as well as horizontal design based specifications, these are equipped with microprocessor regulated controller. The temperature parameters of these systems can be adjusted as per their application needs. The platinum sensor of these Autoclaves maintains accuracy of load monitoring. Power cut off function and low water level status indicator of these products ensure their uninterrupted functioning. Free from maintenance charge, these adopt advanced vacuum breaker and safety valve for their trouble free operation.


  • Advanced PID controller and utilization of heavy duty jacket are their main features.
  • Praiseworthy drying performance and high automation are their key characteristics.
  • Equipped with digital timer
  • Safety valve for managing pressure

Product Image (ADI-185)

Vertical Autoclaves

  • Working Temperature:121-134 Degree Celsius Celsius (oC)
  • Chamber Size:10-15 Litre
  • Working Pressure:10-20 PSI
  • Power Consumption:2 KW Kilowatt (kW)
Product Image (ADI-187)

Laboratory Autoclaves

  • Working Pressure:0-60 PSI PSI
  • Type:Radiation Sterilization Equipments
  • Door Type:yes
  • Sterilizing Temperature:18L
  • Chamber Size:300mm x 350mm (25 L)
  • Temperature Scope:Working temperature: 126℃
  • Working Temperature:126℃ Celsius (oC)
Product Image (ADI-186)

Horizontal Autoclave

Chamber size in mms And load 350 x 550 (4KW) 450 x 600 (6KW) 550 x 750 (6KW) 400 x 1100 (9KW)

Product Image (ADI-181)

Double Wall Vertical Autoclave

  • Chamber Size:50ltrs
  • Working Pressure:25/30 PSI
  • Sterilizing Temperature:121°C Celsius (oC)
Product Image (ADI-180)

Portable Autoclave

  • Chamber Size:5-10 Litre
  • Design Temperature:121-140 Celsius (oC)
  • Type:Pressure Steam Sterilization Equipments
  • Working Pressure:15 to18 PSI
Product Image (ADI-184)

Horizontal Steam Sterilizer

  • Chamber Size:180 L, 240 L, 320 L, 430 L
  • Sterilizing Temperature:134 Celsius (oC)
  • Working Pressure:15 PSI
  • Type:Other
Product Image (ADI-183)

Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclaves

  • Door Type:yes
  • Chamber Size:50 Litres
Product Image (ADI-182)

Triple Walled Vertical Autoclaves

Dia x Depth Load (Approx.): 250 x 450 mm 2 KW 22 ltrs. 300 x 500 mm 3 KW 40 ltrs. 350 x 550 mm 4 KW 50 ltrs. 400 x 600 mm 5 KW 78 ltrs.