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Bending Elasticity In Rotors

Bending Elasticity In Rotors

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Product Description

Bending Elasticity In Rotors


  • Investigation Of Bending Vibrations In Rotors1
  • Determining Critical Speeds1
  • Position Of Rotor Mount And Rotating Mass Can Be  Adjusted1
  • Optimal Visibility And Simultaneous Protection Thanks To Transparent Protective Cover
  • Investigation Of Bending Vibrations And Resonance Of A Rotating System
  • Two Self-Aligning Ball Bearings Moveable To Any Point As The Rotor Shaft Mount
  • Two Masses That Can Be Fixed At Any Point
  • Safety Bearing And Transparent Protective Cover For Safe Operation
  • Two Pre-Selectable Speed Ranges, Speed Electronically Regulated And Infinitely Adjustable
  • Digital Speed Indicator
Technical Data
  • Three-Phase Motor
  • Power 0,25Kw
  • Max. Speed 3000Min-1
Rotor Shaft
  • L=500Mm
  • D=6Mm
  • Hardened Steel
2X Mass, Disc-Shaped
  • M=965G
  • D=80Mm
  • Hardened Steel
Shaft Mount
  • 2X Self-Aligning Ball Bearings
  • 2X Safety Bearings