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Brake - Load Unit

Brake - Load Unit

Product Details:


Product Description

Brake - Load Unit


[1] brake and load unit for the machinery diagnostic training system

[2] magnetic particle brake

[3] control unit with exciter current dis2


[4] potentiometer to adjust braking torque

[5] integrated belt drive for second speed and torque range

[6] temperature protection and fan overheating protection

[7] stackable storage system to house the components

Technical Data

Continuous braking power: approx. 450W/3000min-1

 Transmission ratio between brake shafts: i=3

 Direct brake operation

- speed range: 200...2000min-1

- braking torque: 1...10Nm

 Operation via belt drive

- speed range: 600...6000min-1

- braking torque: 0,3...3,3Nm