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Buckling of bars

Buckling of bars
Buckling of bars
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Product Code : EE-24
Brand Name : Atico
Product Specifications
  • Type
  • Engineering Lab equipment
  • Material
  • Aluminium, Steel
  • Application
  • Lab Equipment
Product Description

Long And Slim Components Such As Bars, Beams And ColumnsAre Often Subjected To Compressive Forces Along Their Long Axis Owing To TheirFunction. Under The Influence of Critical Compressive Forces, Such ComponentsCan Lose Stability and Deform Laterally. The Technical Term For This Loss OfStability, Which Occurs Suddenly Or Continuously, Is Buckling. In This Case, ItIs Not The Material That Fails But The Component Shape. The Stresses in the BarAre Often Still In the Elastic Region.

  • Clear Demonstration of Elastic Buckling
  • Load Mechanism for Applying Forces
  • Test Bars Pinned or Fixed
  • Devices for Generating Shear Forces withStaggered Weights
  • Measurement of Lateral Deflection with A DialGauge
  • Test Bars of Different Materials: Steel AndAluminium


  • Demonstration of Buckling In Bars
  • Test Bars Made Of Different Materials and ForDifferent Support Types
  • Experiments with Eccentric Application ofForce And Shear Forces