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Characteristic Variables Of Hydraulic Turbomachines

Characteristic Variables Of Hydraulic Turbomachines

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Product Description

Characteristic Variables Of Hydraulic Turbomachines


  • Determining Characteristic Variables Of A Centrifugal Pump
  • Determining Characteristic Variables Of Water Turbines Together With The Accessories Hm 450.01 And Francis Turbine Hm 450.02
  • Experiments On A Pump In A Closed Water Circuit With Storage Tank And Flow Control Valve To Adjust The Back Pressure
  • Experiments On Turbines: Closed Water Circuit For Supplying Turbines
Pipes And Fittings Made Of Pvc
  • 3-Phase Ac Motor For Pump With Variable Speed Via Frequency Converter
  • Non-Contact Speed Measurement At The Turbine Shaft And Force Sensor At The Brake For Measuring The Torque  
  • Digital Display For Pressures, Flow Rate, Speed And Torque
Technical Data
  • Standard Centrifugal Pump
  • Max. Head: 23,9m
  • Max. Flow Rate: 31m ³/H
  • Drive Motor With Variable Speed
  • Power Output: 2,2kw
  • Speed Range: 0...3000min-1
  • Storage Tank: 250l
  • Measuring Ranges
  • Pressure: 2x 0...4bar Abs.
  • Flow Rate: 0...40m ³/H
  • Torque: 0...20nm
  • Speed: 2x 0...4000min-1