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Clean Room Equipments

Mild steel or stainless steel or iron fabricated Clean Room Equipments are used for maintaining precise temperature and hygienic air quality inside clean room of research laboratories, optics center, sterile laboratory, plant tissue culture analysis department and drug manufacturing unit. Several of these equipments adopt vertical air current circulation mechanism to inhibit entrance of outside air. The advanced design of their pre filter section prolongs service life of their HEPA filter by reducing strong wind blow circulated inside these equipments. Featured with microprocessor controlled operating system, these Clean Room Equipments possesses negative pressure equipped work zone and water protected socket for trouble free entrance of various devices inside these.


  • These equipments utilize UV lamp for effective decontamination purpose.
  • Several of these equipments have LCD display system and centrifugal fan.
  • User friendly operation
  • Space saving structure
Vertical Laminar Air Flow  Cabinet
Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
Features :- Transparent front door. Static pressure Manometer. Built in U.V. Germicidal light.
Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
Features :- Easy operation. Less maintenance. Energy efficient.
Dispensing And Sampling Booth
Dispensing And Sampling Booth
General Details: Function Final Dispensing of different Solvent Materials. Overall Size mm Approx. 2200x1900x2700. Working Size mm Approx. 1600x1900x2200. Constructed by Stainless Steel AISI 316 L Internal Sheets.