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CNC Lathe Machine with Cabinet & PC

CNC Lathe Machine with Cabinet & PC

Product Details:


Product Description

For controlling various movements of machines we have CNC Lathe Machine with Cabinet & PC. These are computerized machines that control the activities of the machines in the industry. They are supplied with the cabinet that is required for proper placement of the machine. For proper visual and other workings we even give PC with our machine. These are placed in various production units where computerized operated machines are present. Some of the industries that use these machines are automotive, aerospace, electronics and more. The machines that are compatible with our CNC Lathe Machine with Cabinet & PC are grinders, lathes, millers, routers and so on.

Features of CNC Lathe Machine with Cabinet & PC:

  • It has a great main motor power.
  • Coolant system with removable collection is inbuilt.
  • The cabinet has proper storage for all the parts such as computer, USP, and more.
  • The equipment has a metallic enclosure.

General Specifications :

-          Max. distance between centers : 360 mm
-          Swing over bed: 100 mm
-          Swing over apron: 60 mm
-          The width of bed: 100 mm
-          The speed of the spindle: 100-2250 r/min
-          The max. speed of moving (X, Z): 2000 mm/min.
-          The speed of feeding (x,z): 500 mm/min.
-          Max. Travel  Z axis: 250 mm
-          Max. Travel- X axis: 150 mm
-          Tool position: 4
-          Angle of the tool post: 360 deg
-          Travel of tailstock: 50 mm
-          Positions accuracy: 0.015 mm
-          Repeatability accuracy: 0.01 mm
-          Tool post return orientation precision: 0.005 mm
-          Main motor power : 600W