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Computer Controlled Flow Channels

Computer Controlled Flow Channels

Product Details:


Product Specifications

  • 220 V AC
  • Lab Equipment

Product Description

Computer ControlledFlow Channels

Advanced Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Computer Controlled Flow Channels

  • ComputerControlled Flow Channels (section: 80 x 300 mm).(several lengths)
  • Exercisesand Practical Possibilities to be done with Main Items
  • Measurementof the water height and the velocity along the channel.
  • Measurementof the flow with weirs of thin wall.
  • Measurementof flow with changes in the channel section.
  • Measurementof flow using Venturi flume.
  • Controlof the flow by gates.
  • Levelcontrol using syphons.
  • Flowon overflow dams.
  • Flowamong the pillars of a bridge.
  • Connectionof a channel to a culvert.
  • Characterizationof the hydraulic jump.
  • Profilesof the water free surface.
  • Investigationof flow and supercritical flow states.
  • Measurementof water levels.
  • Dischargeprocesses on an underwater weir.
  • Amountof energy in flows in open channels.
  • Functionof a syphon weir.
  • Flowrate and drain coefficients of a syphon weir.
  • Pipeflows.
  • Comparisonof overflow and syphon weirs.
  • Observationof the throw of the water.
  • Generationof different flow states by damming the down-stream water.
  • Observationof the flow under an undershot weir:
  • Observationof hydraulic motion on discharge.
  • Relationshipbetween dam height and discharge.
  • Observationof discharges under a radial gate:
  • Observationof hydraulic motion on discharge.
  • Hydrostaticpressure on a weir.
  • Investigationson waves.
  • Behaviourof structures in rough sea.
  • Applyingand understanding Manningâ„¢s formula.
  • Understandingsub- and super-critical flow.
  • Learninghow to apply force-momentum and steady flow energy equations to simple flowsituations.
  • Investigationof the transition from running to shooting flow.

Additional practicalpossibilities:

  • Sensorscalibration.
  • Fillingof the Pitot tube.
  • Fillingof the venturi meter with analog output.
  • Calculationof water flow.
  • Useof level gauge for measurement of the water height.

Other possibilitiesto be done with this Unit:

  • Manystudents view results simultaneously.
  • Toview all results in real time in the classroom by means of a projector or anelectronic blackboard.
  • OpenControl, Multicontrol and Real Time Control.
  • Thisunit allows intrinsically and/or extrinsically to change the span, gains; proportional,integral, derivate parameters; etc in real time.
  • TheComputer Control System with SCADA allows a real industrial simulation.
  • Thisunit is totally safe as uses mechanical, electrical and electronic, andsoftware safety devices.