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Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
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Product Code : HTLE-63
Brand Name : Atico
Product Specifications
  • Power
  • 220 V
  • Voltage
  • 220 VAC to 240 VAC 50 Hz
  • Material
  • Copper
  • Application
  • Lab Equipment
Product Description


The equipment allows students to quicklyassess heat transfer rates by forced convection. They monitor the rate ofcooling of a body of known thermal capacity in an air flow. The apparatus isbench mounting. It is a horizontal wind tunnel with a contraction cone, aworking section, a diff user, a constant speed fan, and an exhaust with silencer.A variable slide valve controls the air flow. The working section includes aseries of rods arranged in a matrix and at right-angles to the direction of airflow. To do experiments, students can remove any one of these rods and replaceit with a cylindrical copper element. The copper element is of known thermalcapacity and includes a built-in thermocouple. Students insert the element,which has been pre-heated to a specific temperature, into the working sectionat a known air velocity. They measure the time taken for the temperature todrop and determine the heat transfer rate. A second thermocouple at the inletto the wind tunnel measures the temperature of air entering the heat exchanger.The base of the working section includes two static pressure tappings onebefore the rods and one afterwards. These enable students to measure the staticpressure difference across the rods. A Pitot traverse can measure air velocityat any vertical point in the working section, either before or after the rods. Theequipment includes a separate instrumentation unit. The instrumentation unithas two inputs for thermocouples, and two pairs of quick-release couplings forconnection to the pressure tappings. It also includes a controlled heat sourcefor the copper element.