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Deformation Of Curved-Axis Beams

Deformation Of Curved-Axis Beams

Product Details:


Product Description

- bending behaviour of a curved-axis beam
  * circular beam
  * semi-circular beam
  * quadrant beam
- application of the principle of virtual forces (the force
  method) to calculate deformation 
- 2nd moment of area
- comparison of calculated and measured 


  • elastic deformation of curved-axis beams under load
  • 3 different beams with the same cross-section: circular beam, semi-circular beam, quadrant beam
  • bearing block to fix the quadrant beam
  • pillar with bearing to support the circular or semi-circular beam
  • 1 set of weights to place the beam under load
  • 3 dial gauges to record the horizontal and vertical deformation
  • storage system to house the components