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Determining the gauge factor of strain gauges

Determining the gauge factor of strain gauges

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As Universal Aids To Experimental Stress And StrainAnalysis, Strain Gauges Enable Mechanical Strain To Be Converted IntoElectrical Signals. The Signal Obtained Is Processed By A Strain MeasuringAmplifier To Give A Display Of The Resulting Strain. It Is Expected That TheQuantity Measured By A Measuring Device And The Readout Subsequently IndicatedAre Identical. Consequently, The Planning And Evaluation Of Measurements MakesAllowance For The Sensitivity To Elongation (Gauge Factor) Of Strain Gauges. AKey Character Value Of Strain Gauges. The Gauge Factor  Indicates The Correlation Between The StrainAnd The Change In Resistance.


  • Investigation of Deflection and Strain toDetermine Gauge Factor
  • Bending Bar with 2 Strain Gauges on theCompression Side and Tension Side Respectively
  • Strain Gauge Configured As Full Bridge
  • 2-Point Ball Bearing Mounting Of Bar PermitsPurely Bending Load Application
  • Mechanical Load Application Device WithSpindle, Handwheel And Cross-Arm
  • Dial Gauge With Adjustable Dial For DirectMeasurement Of Deflection
  • Measuring Amplifier With 4-Digit DigitalDisplay


  • Measurement Of Deflection And Strain
  • Determination Of The Gauge Factor Of StrainGauges