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Digital Analog Lab

Digital Analog Lab

Product Details:


Product Description

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of  Digital Analog Lab

The Digital Analog Lab is intended for elementary as well as advance training of Digital & Analog electronics. The trainer covers regular digital & analog circuits by solder-less interconnections on breadboard and as well as compatible with all optional modules, through use of 2mm brass terminals and patch cords. Various clock generators, logic level input/output indicators and DC regulated power supplies etc. are in-built. The unit housed in attractive enclosure is supplied with mains cord, patch cords, Instruction manual and Component Set.

Experimental Coverage:


  • Study of Diodes in DC circuits
  • Study of Light Emitting Diodes in DC Circuits
  • Study of Half wave rectifier
  • Study of Full wave rectifier
  • Study of Zener Diode as a voltage regulator
  • Study of transistor series voltage regulator
  • Study of transistor shunt voltage regulator
  • Study of Low pass filter
  • Study of High pass filter
  • Study of band pass filter
  • Study of CE configuration of NPN transistor
  • Study of CB configuration of NPN transistor
  • Study of CE amplifier
  • Study of Monostable multivibrator using transistor
  • Study of Bistable multivibrator using transistor
  • Study of Astable multivibrator using transistor


  • Logic gates operation
  • To verify De-morgan™s theorem With boolean logic equations
  • Binary to Gray code conversion
  • Gray code to Binary conversion
  • Binary to Excess-3 code conversion
  • Binary Addition and Subtractor
  • Binary Multiplier
  • EX-OR gate implementation
  • Application of EX-OR gate
  • Johnson Counter
  • To verify the dual nature of Logic Gates
  • Study of Flip-Flops RS, JK, D&T
  • Multiplexer and Demultiplexer
  • 4 Bit Binary up and down counter
  • Study of 8 to 3 Line Encoder
  • Study of 3 to 8 Line Decoder
  • Study of Shift Register (SIPO)
  • CMOS-TTL Interfacing
  • Study of Crystal oscillator
  • Study of pulse stretcher circuit