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Domestic Water Heating With Flat Collector

Domestic Water Heating With Flat Collector

Product Details:


Product Description

Domestic Water Heating With Flat Collector


  • trainer for investigating the function and operating behaviour of a flat collector
  • solar thermal flat collector with selectively absorbing coating
  • adjustable collector tilt angle
  • solar circulation station with pump, expansion vessel and safety valve
  • hot water circuit with buffer tank, pump and plate heat exchanger
  • four bimetallic thermometers
  • solar controller with temperature, flow and illuminance sensors
  • data logger with USB interface
  • operation with solar radiation or  Artificial Light Source

Technical Data

Solar circuit


  • absorbing surface: 2,3m² 
  • rated throughput: 20...70L/h  
  • operating pressure: 1...3bar

safety valve 4bar

Hot water circuit

  • plate heat exchanger: 3kW, 10 plates
  • buffer tank 70L

Measuring ranges

  • flow rate: 20...150L/h
  • temperature: 4x 0...120°C