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Elastic line of a beam

Elastic line of a beam

Product Details:

  • Technology Engineering Educational Equipments
  • Type Elastic line of a beam
  • Material Steel, brass and aluminium
  • Function Elastic deformations
  • Application Lab Equipment
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Product Specifications

  • Elastic deformations
  • Steel, brass and aluminium
  • Elastic line of a beam
  • Lab Equipment
  • Engineering Educational Equipments

Product Description

Beams are important design elements in mechanicalengineering and building construction that can deform under load. Beams aresubjected to load transversely in the axial direction, which leads todeflection. In linear elastic material behaviour, the bending line, also knownas elastic line, is used to determine the deflection of beams. Deflection canbe determined at any point on the beam using the influence coefficients andMaxwell Bettis commutative theory. The unit is used to determine thedeformation of a bending beam. To do this, a beam is studied under varyingloads, different support conditions and static over determination. The elasticline is determined by calculation and verified by experiment. The experimentalsetup includes three beams made of different materials. Two pinned supports andone fixed support with clamp are available. The dial gauges record theresulting deformation of the beam. The parts of the experiment are clearly laidout and securely housed in a storage system. The entire experimental setup isconstructed in the mounting frame.


  • Determine The Elastic Line
  • Beams Of Different Materials: Steel, BrassAnd Aluminium
  • 2 Pinned Supports
  • 1 Fixed Support With Clamp
  • Dial Gauges For Recording The Deformation OfThe Beam
  • Storage System For Parts


  • Beams Of Different Materials: Steel, Brass And Aluminium