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Electromechanical Vibrations Kit

Electromechanical Vibrations Kit

Product Details:


Product Description

Electromechanical Vibrations Kit


[1] investigation of vibration behaviour of an electric motor

[2] asynchronous motor with adjustable gap

[3] asymmetric magnetic field by winding with shut-off facility

[4] eccentricity of armature adjustable via position of bearing cover

[5] variable speed via frequency converter of base unit

[6] speed display on control unit of base unit 

[7] power display on control unit of base unit 

[8] accessory set for  machinery diagnostic training system

[9] stackable storage system to house the components

Technical Data

  • Asynchronous motor with variable speed
  • speed range: 100...6000min-1
  • nominal power output: 370W
  • Eccentricity of armature: 0...0,2mm