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Entomological Equipments

Entomological Equipments are basically used for capturing, dissecting, destroying, trapping, monitoring, sampling, storing and displaying insects. Standard grade MDF or melamine material, black steel or stainless steel, thread with non rotating feature, easy to wash EVA sheet, polyester fabric and teak or hardwood has been used to design these equipments. Raised wall design of these items prevents entrance of pest inside these and has made these hermetically tight. Metal clips, ball bearings, electric chord and hinges have been used as their suitable accessories. Easy to handle and maintain, these ergonomically developed Entomological Equipments have been produced on the basis of in depth knowledge on different technique adopted in entomology.


  • The provided range of equipments deserves praise for its application specific design.
  • User friendly design and reasonable price are their key factors.
  • Utilization of non toxic grade raw materials
  • Easy to maintain

Product Image (ADI-452)

Bio Agent Cage Acrylic

  • Type:Breeding Nest For Flies
  • Capacity:4mm thick glass ontop
  • Equipment Materials:Teakwood frame
Product Image (ADI-459)

Animal Cage

  • Equipment Materials:Made of iron S.S frame
  • Type:Animal Cage
  • Capacity:30x23x30cm Cubic Meter (m3)
Product Image (ADI-465)

Breeding Nest

  • Type:Pet Cages
  • Equipment Materials:Teakwood Frame
Product Image (ADI-505)

Flame Photometer

  • Display Type:3 digit digital
  • Type:Digital Colorimeter
Product Image (ADI-474)

Insect Specimen Tube

  • Equipment Materials:MS
  • Type:Insect Cabinet
  • Capacity:500 specimen
Product Image (ADI-466)

Corcyra Egg Laying Cage

  • Type:Corcyra Egg Laying Cages
  • Equipment Materials:Frame made of MDF sheet planks
Product Image (ADI-511)

U V Spectrophotometer

  • Display Type:6 inches high light blue LCD
  • Equipment Materials:Good Materials
  • Type:UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Product Image (ADI-501)

Ph Meter Digital

  • Display Type:LCD display
  • Type:Table-Top
  • Equipment Materials:Electrode Probe
Product Image (ADI-506)

Digital Flame Photometer

  • Display Type:LED display
  • Type:Digital Flame Photometer
Product Image (ADI-476)

Graph Microscope

  • Type:Graph Microscope for Drawing
  • Capacity:Large Stage
Product Image (ADI-475)

Observation Beehive

  • Type:Observation Beehive
  • Equipment Materials:Wood
Product Image (ADI-507)

Microprocessor Water

  • Type:Water & Soil Analysis Kits
  • Display Type:LCD Display
Product Image (ADI-440)

Light Trap For Moth With Mercury Bulb

  • Equipment Materials:Mild steel
  • Capacity:Diameter 35 mm
  • Type:Light Trap
Product Image (ADI-469)

Corcyra Rearing System

  • Equipment Materials:Plastic
  • Type:Corcyra Rearing System
  • Capacity:13 nos of mild steel trays Fluid Ounce (oz)
Product Image (ADI-461)

Corcyra Cage

  • Equipment Materials:Made of MDF/Waterprrof plywood planks
Product Image (ADI-453)

Brown Plant Insect Cage

  • Equipment Materials:Wood
  • Type:Carriers & Houses
  • Capacity:45 x 15cm. Fluid Ounce (oz)
Product Image (ADI-451)

Insect Cage

  • Equipment Materials:Wood
Product Image (ADI-443)

Pheromon Trap

  • Equipment Materials:PP
  • Type:Funnel Trap
Product Image (ADI-456)

Green Leaf Hopper Insect Rearing Cage

  • Capacity:45x45x65cm
  • Type:Pet Cages
  • Equipment Materials:Teak wood
Product Image (ADI-439)

Insect Light Trap With Electric Blub

  • Equipment Materials:Mild Steel
  • Capacity:Diameter of funnel at the tail end 5cm Fluid Ounce (oz)
Product Image (ADI-428)

Insect Killing Jar Without Chemical

Features: Thin layer of killing agent at the bottom for quick killing. Air tight and crack resistance for ensured durability. Ideal for small scale fumigation. Maintenance free lightweight construction.

Product Image (ADI-406)

Large Insect Showcase Cabinet

Feature: Easy to handle due to the simplicity of design. Glass top frame designed to make box airtight and pest proof. Airtight and pest proof for superior durability. Fitted with index card holder and puller knobs.

Product Image (ADI-407)

Insect Box With Stretching Strips

Features: Easy and convenient maintenance. Fitted with brass hinges, index card holder, clips and handle. Finely polished surface with longer life span. Strips can be fixed at one place with fine screws and fly nuts.

Product Image (ADI-401)

Insect Storage Box

  • Type:Storage Cabinet
  • Equipment Materials:Wood
Product Image (ADI-402)

Insect Display And Storage Showcase

  • Equipment Materials:Wood
  • Type:Storage Boxes
Product Image (ADI-424)

Field Collection Bag

Features: Maintenance free lightweight construction. Withstands splashes and wash-downs. Easy to handle due to the simplicity of design. Resistant to adverse working conditions.

Product Image (ADI-425)

Sorting Tray Plastic

Features: Withstands splashes and wash-downs. Easy to clean and maintain. Resistant to elevated temperature. Lightweight structure with commendable sturdiness.

Product Image (ADI-409)

Insect Collecting Net With Handle

Features: Ergonomically designed handle for easy grip. Chemical, abrasion, water, and smear resistance. Easy and convenient maintenance. Light weight construction with negligible maintenance.

Product Image (ADI-419)

Aquatic Net D Shape

Features: Strong yet lightweight construction. Compact and easy to handle with superior grip. Chemical, abrasion, water, and smear resistance. Withstands splashes and wash-downs.

Product Image (ADI-403)

Insect Display Box

  • Capacity:10 Showcase
  • Type:Wooden Storage Case
  • Equipment Materials:Cabinet frame of plyboard with melamine lamination.
Product Image (ADI-433)

Dissecting Tray With Wax

  • Equipment Materials:GI sheet
  • Type:Dissection Tray
Product Image (ADI-437)

Curator Block

  • Equipment Materials:Hardwood
Product Image (ADI-436)

Entomological Pin

  • Type:Pins Storage Block
  • Equipment Materials:High Quality Hardwood
Product Image (ADI-435)

Insect Pinning Block

  • Equipment Materials:Made of hardwood with holes
  • Type:Step Type
  • Capacity:25mm, 12mm & 7.5cm. Cubic Millimeter (mm3)
Product Image (ADI-429)


  • Type:Altimeter
  • Display Type:Analog
Product Image (ADI-431)


  • Type:Aspirator
  • Capacity:2mm glass tubes
  • Equipment Materials:Polystyrene , Silicone , Natural rubber
Product Image (ADI-408)

Insect Stretching Board

  • Equipment Materials:Material used is white hardwood / teakwood and finished in spirit polish.
Product Image (ADI-418)

Surber Stream Bottom Sampler

  • Type:Entomological Equipments
  • Equipment Materials:Net