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Eprom Erasers

Eprom Erasers
Eprom Erasers
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Product Code : AETP015
Brand Name : ATICO
Product Description


  1. Electronic UV tube driver circuit can tolerate a wide variation in mains supply: Typically +/- 20%
  2. (Ballast type driver circuits cannot turn on the UV tube at low voltages like 220 VAC
  3. Electronic Timer
  4. Very convenient for use with an accuracy of better than + /- 10%
  5. Door Safety Lock
  6. The UV tube will be turned off whenever the EPROM Drawer is withdrawn, Thus dangerous of exposure to UV light are avoided.
  7. Automatic Operation
This is a very important feature. You can just plug in the power cord of the EPROM ERASER into a mains outlet and forget about it. The UV light will always remain off. Whenever you want to erase any EPROMs just remove EPROM drawer, put EPROMs and slide in the drawer. The UV lights will automatically turn-on and the timer will start. After the present time is elapsed the lights will go off and remain off thereafter.