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Evacuated Tube Collector

Evacuated Tube Collector

Product Details:


Product Description

Evacuated Tube Collector


  • Trainer for investigating the function and operating behaviour of an evacuated tube collector
  • Evacuated tube collector with selective coating
  • Adjustable collector tilt angle
  • Solar circulation station with pump, expansion tank and safety valve
  • Measurement instruments and controls 
  • Operation with solar radiation or  Artificial Light Source

Technical Data


  • total area: 2,1m²
  • absorbing surface: 1,5m²
  • absorber content: 1,5L  
  • rated throughput: 58L/h  
  • safety valve: 4bar

Solar circuit station

  • solar pump: 3-stage
  • safety valve: 4bar
  • manometer: 0...6bar
  • balancing valve: 1...13L/min