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Flow Meter Demonstraion Channel

Flow Meter Demonstraion Channel
Flow Meter Demonstraion Channel
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Product Code : FMLE-074
Brand Name : Atico
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Flow METER Demonstraion Channel

Exercises And Practical Possibilities


Some Practical Possibilities of the Unit:
  1. To demonstrate the important characteristics of fourteen types of flow meters used in the measurement of water flow through pipes or open channels.
  2. Comparing the use, application and limitations of different types of flow meters.
  3. To study the application of Bernoullis Theorem.
  4. Understanding the principles on which various types of flow meters are based.
  5. Implications of performance, convenience, accuracy, head loss, etc. on flow meters selection.
  6. Effect of the air in the hydraulic stream on flow meter performance.
  7. To use manometers to measure pressure drop.
  8. Relating pressure drop across a flow meter to flow rate.
  9. Measure error determination using the venturi meter.
  10. Factor Cd determination in the venturi.
  11. Strangulation determination in the venturi.
  12. Measure error determination using the orifice plate.
  13. Factor Cd determination in the orifice plate.
  14. Effective area determination in the orifice plate.
  15. Measure error determination using the Pitot tube.
  16. Factor Cd determination in the Pitot tube.
  17. Measure error using the swinging flap meter.
  18. Measure error using the rotary piston meter.
  19. Measure error using the shunt gap meter.
  20. Energy loss comparison in the different meters.
  21. Measure error using the helical rotary type flow meter.
  22. Measure error using the inferential multi stream type flow meter.
  23. Broad crested weir.
  24. Crump weir.