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Fluid Friction Apparatus

Fluid Friction Apparatus
Fluid Friction Apparatus
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Product Code : FMLE-056
Product Description

Fluid Friction Apparatus

The Fluid Friction Measurements unit provides facilities for the detailed study of fluid friction head losses which occur when an incompressible fluid flows through pipes, fittings and flow metering devices. The unit is designed for use with the Hydraulics bench.

                      4.5mm I.D. to 17.2mm I.D.

                   -           artificially roughened pipe

                   -           90° bends (large & small radii)

                   -           90° elbow

                   -           90° metre

                   -           45° elbow, 45 Y, 90 T

                   -           sudden enlargement

                   -           sudden contraction

                   -           gate valve

                   -           globe valve

                   -           ball valve

                   -           inline strainer

                   -           perspex Venturi

                              perspex orifice meter - perspex pipe section with a Pitot tube & static tapping

                   -           38 tapping points

-              Suitable for studying Reynolds' numbers from 103 to nearly 105

-              A system of isolating valves, quick release manometer connection valves and self-sealing pressure tapping ensure fast accurate results

-              Data logging accessory available.