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Fundamentals Of Humidity Measurement

Fundamentals Of Humidity Measurement

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Fundamentals of Humidity Measurement

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Fundamentals of Humidity Measurement

The humidity measurement equipment has to have:

psychrometric humidity measurement

hygrometric humidity measurement

capacitive humidity measurement

characteristic variables to describe air humidity

a capacity to change the state of air humid in the h-x diagram

a capacity to determine relative air humidity with:

a)  Psychrometer

b)    Hair hygrometer

c)    Hygrometer with synthetic fibre

d)    Capacitive humidity sensor

Design and operation of the instruments

Comparison of the instruments

The Specific detail of the equipment is

Different measuring methods for measuring humidity

Climatic chamber with adjustable humidity and transparent door

Humidification via ultrasonic atomiser

Dehumidification via Peltier cooling element

Fan for air recirculation

Two mechanical instruments: psychrometer, hair hygrometer

Two electronic instruments: capacitive sensor, hygrometer with synthetic fibre and combined temperature sensor

A table with trolley that use to put the equipment

The technical data of the equipment are:

  • Humidifier
  • ultrasonic atomiser
  • power consumption: 21,6W
  • low water cut-of
  • Dehumidifie
  • Peltier element
  • Cooling  capacity: 56,6W (50°C ambient temperature)
  • Cooling surface: 1600mm
  • Hair hygrometer with deflective needle
  • Measuring range: 0...100% r. h.
  • Hygrometer with synthetic fibre
  • Output voltage: 0...10V
  • Measuring ranges: 0...100% r. h. / -30...80°C
  • Capacitive sensor with digital display
  • Output voltage: 0...10
  • Measuring range: 1...100% r. h
  • Psychrometer with thermometer
  • Measuring range: -10...60°C, graduation: 0,5°C
  • Approximate dimensions: L x W x H: 1250x700x1930mm