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Heat Pump For Cooling And Heating Operation

Heat Pump For Cooling And Heating Operation

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Product Description

Heat Pump for Cooling and Heating Operation


  • Air-to-water Heat Pump for Cooling or Heating Operation
  • Different Operating Modes Selectable via Solenoid Valves
  • Refrigeration Circuit With Compressor, Condenser (Heat Exchanger With Fan), 2 Evaporators With Fan (Refrigeration and Freezing Stage)
  • Glycol-water Circuit With Tank, Pump and Coaxial Coil Heat Exchanger
  • Coaxial Coil Heat Exchanger and Heat Exchanger With Fan Can Both Be Used as Condenser or Evaporator in the Refrigeration Circuit
  • 1 Thermostatic Expansion Valve Each for All Heat Exchangers and Evaporators
  • 1 Additional Evaporation Pressure Controller and 1 Capillary Tube for the Refrigeration Stage Evaporator
  • Displays for Temperature, Pressure, Flow Rate and Power Consumption of the Compressor