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Heat Transfer Demonstrator

Item Code: PU-001

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Heat Transfer Demonstrator. Controlling heat levels of fluids through industrial process operations is a very common requirement which has resulted in various heat exchanger configurations unique to specific applications. The Heat Transfer Demonstrator with a view to showing differences in efficiency depending on exchanger design, material of construction, flow direction or pattern, and flow velocities. The HDTU is a self contained unit complete with flow and temperature indicators and controllers.


  • Entire unit mounted on metal structure with casters
  • Two pumps for hot and cold fluid
  • Manifolded with valving to accommodate reverse flows
  • Water heater with storage tank
  • Refrigerant type water chiller with storage tank
  • Flow meters and controllers on both phases
  • Digital thermometers on inlet and discharge of flows
  • Four various heat exchangers
  • Brazed plate exchanger
  • Single pass tube and shell  brass
  • Single pass tube and shell  stainless steel
  • Four pass tube and shell
  • All non-moving parts will be powder coated for durability and corrosion prevention
  • Approximate overall dimensions: 34 wide X 72 long X 72 high
  • Unit operates on 240 volt single phase power