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Heat Transfer From A Pin Fin

Heat Transfer From A Pin Fin
Heat Transfer From A Pin Fin
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Product Code : HTLE-01
Brand Name : Atico
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Product Description

HeatTransfer From A Pin Fin:

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer,Exporter & Supplier of  HEAT TRANSFERFROM A PIN FIN

The setup is designed to study the heattransfer in a pin fin. It consists of pin type fin fitted in duct. A fan isprovided on one side of duct to conduct experiments under forced draftconditions. Airflow rates can be varied with the help of damper provided in theduct. A heater heats one end of fin and heat flows to another end. Heat inputto the heater is given through Variac. Digital Temperature Indicator measurestemperature distribution along the fin.

HeatTransfer From A Pin Fin Angel Of Experiments To Be Carried Out :

  • To study the temperature distribution alongthe length of a pin fin in natural & forced convection.
  • To calculate Gr, Pr & Nu number innatural conviction.
  • Calculate Re , Pr & Nu number in forcedconviction.
  • Calculate the value of m & obtain thetemperature at various locations along the length of the fin in natural &forced conviction.
  • Calculate the values of heat transfer ratefrom the fin & the fin effectiveness in natural & forced conviction.
  • The experiments can be conducted at variousvalues of input & calculation can be made accordingly.

HeatTransfer from A Pin Fin Technical Details:

  • Fin Material: Brass
  • Size: 12.5 mm (approx.) 15 cm long (approx.)
  • Duct: Made of MS
  • Fan:  Standardmake
  • Heater: Band type, Nichrome Wire
  • Temperature Sensors: 5 for pin and 1 for ducttemperature.
  • Digital Temperature Indicator: 0-300 degreeC, with multi-channel switch, On/Off switch, Mains Indicator etc
  • The whole setup ismounted on a powder coated base plate