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Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualization System Complete Set

Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualization System Complete Set

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  • 220 V
  • Lab Equipment

Product Description

Hydrogen Bubble FlowVisualization System Complete Set

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TheHydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation System is compact, bench mounted and self containedrequiring only filling with water and connecting to a mains electrical supply.It comprises a flow tank, a separate electronic control console and acomprehensive set of clear acrylic flow visualisation models. The top of theflow tank is manufactured from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) for durabilityand incorporates a wide, shallow working section with a flat black acrylic bedfor flow visualisation studies. A smooth flow of water at variable velocity ispassed through the working section. This is achieved by using a unique fluiddrive unit, in combination with flow straighteners. The depth in the workingsection can be changed by a set of weir strips at the discharge end. A number ofacrylic models are provided with the equipment, such as an aerofoil section andcylinders of different diameter. These can be positioned in the working sectionto show the flow effects around these shapes. User-defined models can also beused. A lighting module, placed in the water at the side of the workingsection, produces a wide beam of light below the surface of the water andilluminates the hydrogen bubbles to aid visualisation of the flow patterns. Thehydrogen bubbles are produced by a fine platinum/iridium cathode wire locatedunder the surface of the water and normal to the direction of flow. The wire iskept taut by a forked holder (supplied in three widths) and is held in therequired position by tripod with adjustable support. Hydrogen bubbles can beproduced using plain tap water, however Glaubers salt (sodium sulphate) is alsosupplied with the unit for research purposes. The electronic control consoleprovides all of the necessary electrical services for the flow tank andincorporates the hydrogen bubble generator. All operating parameters aredisplayed on a liquid crystal display. Controls are included for the waterpump, light source and hydrogen bubble generator. The size of the hydrogenbubbles can be varied by adjusting the current to the cathode wire. Thegenerator automatically maintains the current at the required value by varyingthe supply voltage to compensate for changes in the loop resistance. Thegenerator can produce a continuous stream of bubbles if required. However, toaid visualisation and enable quantitative measurements to be made, the bubblescan be turned on and off in a series of pulses, the pulses and spaces beingindependently and continuously variable with both times indicated on thedisplay.