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Infrared Moisture Balance

Infrared Moisture Balance
Infrared Moisture Balance
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Product Code : AME-214
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Infrared Moisture Balance

Advanced technocracy inc. Is manufacturer, exporter & supplier of Infrared Moisture Balance

Infrared Moisture balance is very reliable and sturdy instrument for accurate determination of the moisture contents of materials which do not under go chemical change when exposed to infrared radiation. Since drying and weighing of the samples is done simultaneously. the instrument is especially useful for substances which quickly reabsorb moisture after drying. Observation can be taken quickly and the results obtained are accurate. The instrument has been profitably utilized for reliable determination of moisture contents of agricultural solid food chemicals, plastic, pharmaceuticals, construction soils and other similar materials. The Instrument consists of a 250 Watt infrared lamp, a sensitive torsion balance, and an auto transformer (Regavolt) all housed in a compact cabinet made of aluminium, having robust design. The infrared radiation from the lamp is used for heating the sample. The temperature is controlled by the Rego volts. The sensitive torsion balance uses magnetic damping calibrated in percentage of moisture between .0% and 100%. The model Ause only 5 grams of the material. When sample weighing 20 grams or more Model B is recommended. Modification of Model Ato B or vice versa is also possible. The aluminium pans are cheap and are disposable This helps avoid loss of time which otherwise would be spent each time to clean the pans after the experiment is done.