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Losses in Bend Apparatus

Losses in Bend Apparatus

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Product Specifications

  • Lab Equipment

Product Description

Lossesin Bend Apparatus

AdvancedTechnocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter &Supplier of Losses in Bend Apparatus. 


This advanced educational software contains anumber of unique features aimed at enhancing the students understanding of thesubjects being studied.

Thesefeatures include:

  • Presentations screens provide details on howto use the software, the theory behind the investigations, how to set up theequipment, etc.
  • Presentations are backed up by comprehensiveHelp screens providing more detail and additional background material
  • A mimic diagram of the equipment is provided.The user enters the measured values into the relevant positions on the diagram
  • The user can add written notes which arerecorded with the logged data in the appropriate time slot
  • Results can be displayed graphically, or intabular format
  • Full control is provided over the displayed graphs,including scaling, axes and which variables are displayed
  • All repetitive calculations are performed bythe computer. However the student has to demonstrate an understanding of thetheory by answering questions at each stage of the calculations
  • A comprehensive layered Hint facilityprovides increasingly strong hints to ensure that the student does not getstuck
  • Once understanding has been demonstrated, thegraphical display facilities can be applied to calculated as well as measureddata.
  • The data is exportable to general purposespreadsheets or word processors as applicable

Rangeof Experiment:

  • Dead weight calibrator
  • Hydrostatic pressure
  • Flow over weirs
  • Metacentric height
  • Bernoulli's Theorem demonstration
  • Impact of a jet
  • Orifice & free jet flow
  • Orifice discharge
  • Energy losses in pipes
  • Flow channel
  • Osborne Reynolds' demonstration
  • Flow meter demonstration
  • Energy losses in bends
  • Free & forced vortices
  • Hydraulic ram
  • Demonstration Pelton turbine
  • Series/Parallel pumps
  • Centrifugal pump characteristics