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Mechanics Instruments

Mechanics Instruments

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Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Mechanics Instruments
Set of Masses, Brass
Slotted Masses Iron
Mass Hangers Iron
Masses, Iron, Metric
Masses Hooked Cylindrical
Force Table
Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus
Single Plastic
Single Metal
Double Parallel Plastic
Double Parallel Metal
Triple Parallel Plastic
Triple Parallel Metal
Double in Line Plastic
Double in Line Metal
Triple in Line Plastic
Triple in Line Metal
Differential, Aluminum
All System Cylindrical
Rod Type
Double Cone on Ramp
Projectile Apparatus
Collision in Two Dimensional Kit
Tubular Metric
Tubular Newton
Metric/Newton (Combined)
Dial Type
Pulley All Purpose
Compression Balance
Rod Type
Hydrostatic Balance
Inertia Balance (Inclined Plain)
Fletcher's Trolley
Compound Pendulum, Reversible
Compound Pendulum , Kater's Reversible
Universal Force Table
Watt's Governor
Whirling Table
Collision In Two Dimensions
Lever Kit
Hard Wood Lever & S- Hooks
Simple Wheel And Axle
Compound Wheel And Axle
Metal Fly Wheel
Linear Air Track
Board Mounting
Aluminum, Plain Bearing
Screw Jack
Train of Gear Wheels
Free Fall Tube ( Guinea And Feather )
Pendulum Bobs , Lead , Brass
Scale Pans
Dynamics Trolleys
Ticker Tape Timer D.C.
Stroboscope , Manual & Digital
Stroboscope : Digital
Stroboscope , Hand
Pulley Block (Midget Hoist)
Aluminum, Single Clamp type
Pulley All Purpose
' G ' By Free Fall Apparatus
Centi-Second Timer
Foot Pump
Photo Timing Gate
Centi-second Timer , Digital
Ticker Tape Timer A.C.
Falling Bodies Apparatus
Air Blower
Linear Air Track Accessories Kit
Properties-Solids Mechanics
Cubic Decimetre
Assorted Material
Materials Kit (Solids)
Young's Modulus Apparatus
Young's Modulus Apparatus, Searle's Pattern
Elastic Material Investigation Kit
Displacement Vessel, Tin/Brass
Displacement Vessel, Glass
Displacement Vessel, Large
Clear Plastic Container
Steel Spheres
Steel Springs
Soft Latex Foam Blocks 8 Pcs
Pascal's Apparatus
Spouting Jar
Communicating Vessel / Liquid Level Apparatus / Equilibrium Apparatus
Weighted Glass Bulb
Density Bottles
Bernoulli Tubes
Flow Meter
Capillarity Apparatus
Beaums Hydrometer .
Crushing Cylinder
Magdeburg Hemispheres
Air Pump
Boyle's Law Apparatus
Boyle's Law Apparatus
Foot Pump
Manometer , Vaccum Gauge
Hooke's Law Apparatus
Hare's Apparatus
Kinetic Theory Model
Smoke Cell , Whitley Bay


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