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Meta Centric Height Apparatus

Meta Centric Height Apparatus
Meta Centric Height Apparatus
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Product Code : FMLE-086
Brand Name : Atico
Product Specifications
  • Voltage
  • 220 V
  • Application
  • Lab Equipment
Product Description

Meta Centric HeightApparatus

AdvancedTechnocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Meta Centric HeightApparatus. 


The position of the metacentre can be variedto produce stable and unstable equilibrium. The equipment consists of a plasticrectangular floating pontoon, whose centre of gravity can be varied by anadjustable weight, which slides and can be clamped in any position on avertical mast. A single plumb-bob is suspended from the mast, which indicatesthe angle of heel on a calibrated scale. A weight with lateral adjustmentenables the degree of heel to be varied and hence the stability of the pontoondetermined. The equipment does not require a separate water tank as it may beused on the Hydraulics Bench by filling the volumetric tank.


  • Rectangular floating pontoon with mast
  • Variable centre of gravity via moveableweights (transverse and vertical)
  • Clinometer indicates angle of heel
  • Educational software available as an option