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Methods To Determine The Elastic Line

Methods To Determine The Elastic Line

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Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Methods to Determine the Elastic Line


[1] comparison of different methods to determine the elastic line

[2] statically determinate or indeterminate beam

[3] 2 supports with clamp fixing, optionally as articulated support with measurement of angle of inclination or clamp fixing

[4] articulated support with force measurement dial gauge

[5] device to generate a bending moment

[6] dial gauge with generation of moment to measure the angle of inclination

[7] dial gauge to record the deformations of the beam

[8] weights to subject the beam to point loads or moment

[9] weights to determine the clamping moments on the supports with clamp fixings

[10] storage system to house the components

[11] experimental set-up in frame .