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Microprocessor Trainer with LCD and USB

Microprocessor Trainer with LCD and USB

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Product Description

Microprocessor Trainer with LCD and USB

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of  Microprocessor Trainer with LCD and USB


  • High performance 8085A CPU @ 3 MHz
  • On board 40 X 2 LCD display, with optional 16 X 2 or 16 X 4 instead of 40 X 2 LCD
  • Operates on 5V,@1Amp. external power supply On Boards 5v Adapter Jack
  • 16 K powerful monitor FIRMWARE. Including all standard commands, codes, functions and utility subroutines with Assembler and dissembler. 4K has been used for system firmware
  • 32 K user RAM 62256
  • Three 28 pin sockets provided for memory expansion up to a maximum of 56 K 
  • Versatile Keyboard / Display controller using 8279 brought out on separate FRC connector
  • 46 parallel I/O lines, 22 from 8155 and 24 from 8255 are brought out on separate FRC connector
  • On Board USB interface hardware
  • Serial I/O through auto adjusting type RS-232 channel. This connector is conveniently brought on the rear using SID-SOD lines or Jumper selectable USB connector
  • On board PS2 connector for 104 Key standard PC-compatible keyboard
  • Three 16 bit Timer / Counter channels are available on-board, using 8253.These Channels are available on a 10 pin FRC connector
  • All address, data and control and hardware interrupt lines are brought out on a 50 pin FRC connector for system interfacing and expansion. All Study Cards are supported by this trainer kit
  • RAM sockets are provided with battery back up using 3.6V Ni-Cad battery
  • On board power supply screw terminal is provided for PIO interface
  • External Power Supply +5v 3Amp, +12v 1Amp, -12v 0.5Amp
  • Supplied in attractive wooden enclosure.