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Microscopes are reliable medium for getting larger image of small as well as microscopic object or substance via their magnification power. Widely used in research laboratories, pathological centers and educational institutes for analytical study purpose, these instruments can be obtained in different specifications like eyepiece number, focus point range, magnifying capacity, optical power, binocular head revolving angle, pinion motion and so on. The offered range of Microscopes is equipped with spot light illuminating arrangement, halogen bulb or LED lamp, binocular head, base illuminator, pole stand, nose piece, iris diaphragm and easy to move condenser. These user friendly apparatus have long working life.


  • The offered array of instruments is useful for close inspection of pathological samples, microorganism and other substances on the basis of their enlarged images.
  • Easy to handle, these can be obtained in different magnifying power and other specifications options.
  • Ergonomic structure
  • Convenient to maintain
Product Image (ADI-842)

Research Inclined Microscopes

Specifications: With 10x, 15x or 5x hygenian eyepieces (2 nos.) Magnification : upto 1500x

Product Image (ADI-840)

Medical Microscopes

  • Magnification:upto 1500X
  • Eyepieces:10X, 15X or 5X hygenian eyepieces
Product Image (ADI-839)

Fluorescent Microscope

Electronics : Input 220V AC, 50/60 Hz. Battery back-up : Chargeable battery back-up 6V, 1.2Ah, Approx. 8 hrs, if fully charge.

Product Image (ADI-841)

Medical Pathological Microscopes

Viewing Head : Monocular 45° Eyepiece : WF 10x-18mm Nosepiece : Quadruple, Upright

Product Image (ADI-835)

Digital Microscope

  • View Head:Having 30º inclination, 360º rotatable
  • Eyepiece Tube:l0x and 15x
  • Light Source:6V 20W halogen lamp or 3W LED Light with adjustable brightness.
  • Eyepieces:10X
  • Magnification:10X
Product Image (ADI-836)

Stereo Binocular Microscope

  • Magnification:10x to 50x.
  • Illumination:LED Incident and transmitted light rechargeable battery
  • Eyepieces:WF 10x/20 mm
  • Theory:Stereo Microscope
  • Objective Achromatic:Selectable 2x & 4x
  • Fine Adjustment Range:Interpupillary distance adjustable from 55mm to 75mm
  • View Head:Binocular Tube inclined at 45° for combinations viewing and rotatable through 360°
  • Drawtube:Binocular
Product Image (ADI-834)

Co-Axial Concept Microscope

  • Illumination:Extra-bright premium 20-watt halogen illumination with variable intensity control for glare-free and uniform specimen illumination
  • Magnification:40x, 100x, 400x, and 1000x
  • Eyepieces:10X
  • Condenser:Abbe condenser
  • View Head:30°
Product Image (ADI-837)

Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope

Microscope Zooming ratio 1:5 Extra wide field eyepieces 10x (Paired) Magnification 10x to 50x. (Standard)

Product Image (ADI-832)

Brinell Microscope

  • Magnification:30x
Product Image (ADI-830)

Profile Projector

  • Magnification:10x, 20x and 50x
  • Resolution:0.01mm
  • Illumination:Projection Light Source with 24V / 150W Halogen Lamp. Double Oblique Light Source for Surface Illumination.
  • Theory:Biological Microscope
Product Image (ADI-831)

Tool Makers Microscope

  • Magnification:25x to 150x
  • Eyepieces:5x, 10x and 15x
Product Image (ADI-829)

Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope

  • Eyepieces:WF 10x and H15x
  • Magnification:5x, 10x and 45x
  • Illumination:EPI-Illumination System Built-in Bright Halogen 6V-20W Brightness adjustable with intensity control regulator
Product Image (ADI-827)

Inclined Metallurgical Microscope

  • Magnification:upto 1500X
  • Eyepieces:WF10X
  • Light Source:6V 20W halogen lamp,
  • Drawtube:Trinocular
Product Image (ADI-826)

Student Metallurgical Microscope

  • Eyepieces:WF 10x and H 15x
  • Objective Achromatic:M10x and M45x (SL)
Product Image (ADI-815)

Zoom Stereoscopic Trinocular Microscope

Features: High resolution imaging measurement Simplified handling with less maintenance Performs more work in less time Outstanding durability with ease of operation

Product Image (ADI-822)

Microscope Eyepiece

  • Dimensions:d × w × h 325 × 275 × 150 mm Millimeter (mm)
  • Magnification:72,5x magnifictaion rate of the objective
  • Resolution:1280x1024pixels
  • Interface:USB 2.0
  • Working Stage:Not Applicable Square Meter (m2)
Product Image (ADI-821)

Microscope Reflector Mirror

Features: Smooth surface finish that provides clear view of objects Reduced efforts while operating Need less maintenance for providing trouble-free performance Easy to operate and user-friendly design

Product Image (ADI-816)

Student Projection Microscope

Features Designed with utmost precision for fully automatic and high speed operations User friendly operations and non-interrupted performance Strong structure and renders maximum client satisfaction Provides excellent performance and accuracy

Product Image (ADI-812)

Inclined Steroscopic Microscope

Features: Easy to adjust magnifying power Robust design with excellent functionality Easy to operate with utmost precision Provides reliable viewing of objects

Product Image (ADI-813)

Research Inclined Stereoscopic Microscope

Features: Rugged construction to ensure its high performance Innovative and user-friendly design Requires less maintenance as well Provides high flexibility of moving knobs

Product Image (ADI-807)

Coaxial Trinocular Microscope

Features: Requires less maintenance for hassle-free working Easy to operate and cost effective in nature Robust construction to ensure its safe and secure working Equipped with high performing lens to get the clear view of objects

Product Image (ADI-802)

Student Compound Microscope

Features: Equipped with high performing lens that helps to get the clear view of image Having steering flexibility to move in any direction Ultra-modern and user-friendly design to operate Sturdy construction to ensure its safe and secure performance

Product Image (ADI-803)

Dissecting Microscope

Features: Robust design with excellent functionality Requires less maintenance for providing trouble-free performance Manufactured with utmost precision to ensure their longer service life Excellent functionality with low noise operation

Product Image (ADI-806)

Binocular Microscope

Features Equipped with high performing lens Requires less maintenance for providing trouble-free performance Designed with excellence to meet high functionality Controlled with automated knobs