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Product Description

Mortar Penetrometer

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & MORTAR PENETROMETER

It is used for finding out the rate of hardening of mortars sieved from concrete mixtures by means of penetraion needles of different cross-sectional areas. 

Salient Features

Specifications :the instrument consists of a barrel housing a calibrated spring and a stem graduated from 0-70 kg x 1 kg. Six interchangeable penetration needles of areas 645, 323, 65, 32 and 16mm sq. Are provided. The penetration resistance is measured by the force exerted to penetrate the mortar by 25mm and is indicated by a sliding ring on the stem, which is graduated. Needle shanks are marked at every 12. 5mm. Compete in a wooden carrying case.