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Multiprocess Trainer

Multiprocess Trainer

Product Details:


Product Description

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Multiprocess Trainer .

 Multi process Trainer

The setup is designed to understand the advanced control methods used for complex processes in the industries. Different experiments like Flow, level, cascade, feed forward and ratio control can be configured and studied with the setup. It consists of water supply tank, pump, level transmitter, transparent level tank, orifice meters with differential pressure transmitters, rotameters, pneumatic control valve, I/P converter and serial based dual loop controller.

These units along with necessary piping are mounted on stand-alone type structure. The set up is connected to computer through USB port for monitoring and control by using PID logics. Product is supplied with 32 tag demo version


Flow, Level. Cascade, Feed forward and ratio control

ON-Off & PID operation study

MODBUS communication

Closed loop water circulation

Non-corrosive wetted parts

Range of experiments

Study of open loop response (Manual control)

Study of on/off controller

Study of proportional controller

Study of proportional integral controller

Study of proportional derivative controller

Study of proportional integral derivative controller

Tuning of controller (Open loop method)

Tuning of controller (Closed loop method)

To study stability of the system (Bode plot)

To study cascade control system

To study feed forward control system

To study ratio control system

Technical Specifications

Product: Multi process trainer

Control unit: Serial based dual loop PID controller; Analog input 4, Analog output 2, Digital input 2, Digital output 2. with RS485 communication.

Communication: USB port using RS485-USB converter

Differential pressure transmitter: Type Capacitance, two wire, Range 0–200 mm, Output 4–20  mA sq. root (2 Nos)

Level transmitter: Type Electronic, two wire, Range 0–250 mm, Output 4–20mA

I/P converter: Input 4-20mA, Output 3-15 psig

Control valve: Type: Pneumatic; Size: 1/4", Input: 3–15 psig, Air to close, Characteristics: linear

Rota meter: 10-100 LPH(3 nos)

Pump: Fractional horse power, type submersible

Process tank: Transparent, Acrylic, with 0-100% graduated scale

Supply tank: SS304

Flow measurement: Orifice meter (3 Nos)

Air filter regulator: Range 0-2.5 kg/cm2

Pressure gauge: Range 0-2.5 kg/cm2(1No), Range 0-7 kg/cm2(1No)

Overall dimensions: 1740Wx720Dx630H mm