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Overdrive Apparatus

Overdrive Apparatus

Product Details:

  • Dimension(L*W*H) 0.37Hx 0.35Wx 0.38D Meter (m)
  • Application Lab Equipment
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Product Specifications

  • Lab Equipment
  • 0.37Hx 0.35Wx 0.38D Meter (m)

Product Description


TheSanderson Overdrive Unit has been designed to demonstrate the action of thegear elements in simple epicyclic gear arrangements. The unit may also be usedby students in the laboratory to carry out simple experiments on epicyclicgearing. The apparatus illustrated has been designed specifically for MotorVehicle courses and represents an application of a simple epicyclic arrangementof the type used in a motor vehicle overdrive. Pulleys fitted with protractorsare secured to the input and output shafts to

enablethe student to determine and verify velocity and torque ratios. The unit may bewall mounted or attached to a Sanderson Universal Bench Mounted Frame. Theapparatus is designed so that the overdrive can be coupled to the Gearbox andDifferential to represent a simple transmission system.