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AdvancedTechnocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter &Supplier of Polariscope. FieldTracer Unit. Telemicroscope. Oblique Incidence Attachment. Lens Attachment.Model Cutter. Model Polisher.


Experimental And Demonstration Polariscope Itis placed on an overhead projector (not supplied), with the image projected onto a screen, and, used either in a laboratory or a lecture theatre, allows astriking demonstration of the stress fields in the loaded models. It is alsodesigned for quantitative work for tensile, compressive or flexural loading. Asystem unique to this unit  also allowsthe simultaneous rotation of the polarizer and the analyser for the isoclinallines study. The Polariscope consists of the following elements A model-loadingframe. An elastic load-measuring device, which uses a steel spring beam, and amicrometer dial gauge. The device has a linear deflexionload relation-ship. Arotatable circular polarizing unit, in a graduated mount, carried on runnersunder the loading frame.


  • Dimensions:195mm x 155mm x 90mm
  • Weight:750g
  • Temperature : 10 deg C-35 deg C
  • Power Input : 110V-220V 50Hz