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We are the manufacturer, supplier and exporter ofSAFEGATE

1. Microcontroller based design
2. Quick installation no training required
3. Automatic zero adjustment
4. Ignores external metals
5. 8 levels of sensitivity and 2 levels of alarm
6. 20 step bar-graph indicator divided into 3 alarm groups
7. 2 distinct tones for alarm level warning
8. 5 digit Intelligent counter for distinct indication of entry, exit and algebraic sum
9. Push-button operation with non-volatile memory for all levels
10. 7-segment LED indicator for sensitivity and alarm
11. Walk and Stop indicators to regulate traffic
12. Detects all metals, alloys and ferrites
13. Low field strength - no affect on pacemakers and magnetic media
14. SMPS power supply for use with 90V to 270V
15. Built in full-function battery back up for over 12 hours