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Satellite Communication Lab

Satellite Communication Lab

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Product Description

Satellite Communication Lab

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Satellite Communication Lab.

The production process of Satellite Communication Lab is led by the assiduous professionals. Our professionals conceptualize and develop these products while taking into consideration defined parameters of the industry and clients' preference. Keeping in mind divergent demands of the clients, they have made the offered products in different specifications.


  • Microwave 2.4 GHz operation satellite trainer
  • 500 MHz spectrum analyzer provided
  • Tele-command and telemetry facility
  • Different baud rates PC-PC link.
  • Emulation of variable signal fading, variable thermal noise
  • Variable propagation delay.
  • Total 4 variable path loss at uplink and downlink channels
  • High RF output power and low noise
  • LCD display of PLL synthesized frequency in transmitter,
  • Receiver and satellite emulator
  • Condenser microphone and speaker for audio link
  • Camera and video to vga converter for video link
  • Satellite has built-in antennas, transponder for link
  • Helix (LHCP X 2 & RHCP X 2), log periodic X 2, Dish X 2 & Patch X 2 for linear & circular polarization study
  • Signal monitoring outputs at uplink & downlink
  • C/N and S/N measurement facility
Area & scope of experiments:
  • To set up an active & passive satellite communication link and study their difference To study the advantages of satellite communication. To study the communication satellite link design: process of transmitting a signal to a satellite (uplinking), reception of same signal via satellite (down linking) and functioning of transponder
  • To measure baseband analog signal parameters
  • To measure the signal parameters like FM deviation in an analog FM/FDMTV Satellite link on spectrum analyzer.
  • To study the functionality of a satellite MODEM
  • To measure linear and circular polarization of antennas on spectrum analyzer
  • To measure the C/N ratio, threshold on spectrum analyzer
  • To measure the S/N ratio
  • To study the effect of fading and measure the fading margin of a received signal on spectrum analyzer
  • To measure the propagation delay of signal
  • To measure pathloss using spectrum analyzer
  • To study noise on spectrum analyzer
  • To measure the digital baseband signal parameters in a satcom link
  • To measure the range of baud rates that the system can support
  • To send telecommand and receive the telemetry Data and study the operation of a codec
  • To setup a RS-232 satellite communication link using com ports of PC
  • To calculate bit error rate in a satcom link.