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Solar Module Measurements

Solar Module Measurements

Product Details:


Product Description

Solar Module Measurements


  • trainer for solar module measurements
  • two pivoting solar modules on mobile frames
  • series and parallel connection options
  • slide resistor as variable load
  • two power resistors for expanding the measuring range
  • measuring unit with digital displays for current, voltage, illuminance and module temperature
  • reference cell as illuminance sensor

Technical Data

 Module design 

  • number of cells 36
  • cell material: mono-crystalline silicon
  • module area: 0,64m²

Typical module parameters under STC(Standard Test Conditions)

  • max. output: 85W
  • short-circuit current: approx. 5,3A
  • open-circuit voltage: approx. 22V

Slide resistor: 0...10 Ohm

Two power resistors: 22 Ohm/50W

Measuring Ranges

  • temperature:100°C
  • voltage: 0...200V
  • current: 0...20A
  • illuminance: 0...3kW/m²
  • tilt: 0...90C°