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Sonicator Bath / Ultra Sonic Cleaner

Sonicator Bath / Ultra Sonic Cleaner

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Sonicator Bath / Ultra Sonic Cleaner

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of  Sonicator Bath / Ultra Sonic Cleaner.

The characteristic feature of ultrasonic cleaning is that the mechanical energy in the form of High Frequency, High Intensity, sound waves are irradiated in the cleaning liquid. This results in the build up & collapse of large number of vaccuum bubbles throughout the liquid. This phenomenon is known as CAVITATION. It is responsible for special scrubbing action which ensures quick & thorough cleaning of all the immersed surfaces ( areas) that would othrwise be impossible to clean.

By and large any kind of contamination can be cleaned Ultrasonically. Some are obviously easier to remove than others and the most difficult are those which are caked on to the material either by of time or by application of heat. In the later case some pre-treatment such as soaking may be required 

The fundamental point is that contamination is removable, Ultrasonics is more likely to do a thorough and probably faster job without causing any damage to the material than any method.

Capacity : 1½ Ltr. 5 Ltr. 8 Ltr.