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Stainless Steel Heat Transfer Through Composite Walls

Stainless Steel Heat Transfer Through Composite Walls

Product Details:


Product Description


The set up consists of a heater sandwiched between two sets of slabs. Three types of slabs are provided on either sides of heater, which forms a composite structure. A small hand press frame is provided to ensure the perfect contact between the slabs. A PID Controller is provided for controlling the heat input. Electronic energy meter will be provided to measure the heat input. Heat produced by heater flows axially on both the sides. Temperature Sensors are embedded at the interfaces of slabs to determine the temperature gradient. The experiment can be conducted at various values of heat input and calculation can be made accordingly.


  • To determine total thermal resistance and thermal  conductivity of composite wall
  • To plot temperature gradient along composite wall.
Technical Details :
  • Slab assembly arranged symmetrically on both sides of heater.
  • Slab Material : Slab Size
  • Cast Iron : 250 mm dia.& 20mm thick.
  • Bakelite : 250 mm dia.& 15 mm thick.
  • Press Wood : 250 mm dia.& 12 mm thick.
  • Heater : Nichrome wire type
  • Heating control : Special arrangement to control heat input
  • Temperature Measurement : By Temperature transmitter, Output 4-20mA- 8Nos.
  • Control panel comprising of
  • Energy meter : For power measurement
  • Variac : 0-230 V, 2Amp.

Utilities Required :

  • Electricity Supply: 1Phase, 220 V AC, 50 Hz, 5-15 amp combined socket with earth connection(Earth voltage should be less than 5 volts)
  • Table for set-up support.
  • Computer System: i-3processor with DVD Drive, Windows 7/8, MS-Office pre-loaded. One USB slot required in PC for Data Acquisition Card.