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Thermal Conductivity

Thermal Conductivity

Product Details:


Product Specifications

  • Lab Equipment

Product Description

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is manufacturer, exporter & supplier of Thermal Conductivity.

Range of experiments:

  • Determination of thermal conductivity of insulating powder.
  • Comparison of thermal conductivity at various temperatures.

Technical Specifications

  • Radius of the inner copper sphere, ri: 50 mm
  • Radius of the outer copper sphere, ro : 100mm
  • Digital Voltmeter: 0-300V
  • Digital Ammeter: 0- 2 Amps
  • Temperature indicator 0- 300 degree C, with multi-channel switch
  • Variable Auto Transformer 0-230 V at the rate2Amps
  • Heater coil Strip heating elements and wiched between mice sheets  200 watts
  • Chromel alumel thermocouples No. (1) to (4)embedded on inner sphere to measure T
  • Chromel alumel thermocouples No. (5) to (10)embedded on outer sphere to measure T
  • Insulating powder Asbestos magnesia commercially available powder and packed between the two spheres