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Thin Cylinder Unit

Thin Cylinder Unit

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Product Description

Thin Cylinder Unit


  • The thin cylinder unit and hand operated pump are mounted on a bench-top base plate.
  • A thin wall tube contains two pistons.
  • The first piston is located axially; it extends beyond the end of the tube and is drilled to suit a pressure gauge and a high pressure flexible
  • rubber hose connecting the hand operated pressure pump to the unit. This piston also has an in-built pressure relief valve. The oil from the relief valve returns to the pump reservoir connection by means of flexible pipe.
  • The second piston is free to move axially within the tube, but its travel outwards is limited by a plate and end-cap.
  • The cylinder unit which is resting on the four pins is supported on a frame and located axially by a fixed stop and an adjustable stop.
  • Maximum test pressure: 40 bar.

Technical data about the thin cylinder unit:3

  • Reservoir Capacity: 75 cm
  • Recommended oil: Castor oil.
  • Pressure gauge (Manometer): 0-50 bar.
  • Pre-set relief valve setting: 450psi approx.
  • Cylinder material: Aluminium alloy.
  • Strain gauges: Foil type.
  • Gauge Factor: 2.0

Six active strain gauges are cemented onto the cylinder to allow the measurement of surface strains at various angles, and other six  temperature compensating gauges are cemented to a plate.

With the unit is supplied a strain gauges console with selector for the different strain gauges. The measurement of the selected gauge is  shown in a display. The reading visualized in the display gather the compensation due to temperature.