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Underfloor Heating - Geothermal Energy Absorber

Underfloor Heating - Geothermal Energy Absorber

Product Details:


Product Description

Underfloor Heating -Geothermal Energy Absorber


  • Heat sink or heat source for the  modular system 
  • Three selectable pipe lengths for heat transfer
  • Flow meters and temperature sensors for determining the heat flows
  • Tanks for hot or cold water
  • Connections for transmitting measurement data to an external controller

Technical Data


  • lengths: 10m, 20m, 30m
  • material: polyethylene
  • wall thickness: 2mm
  • outer diameter: 16mm
  • operating pressure: max. 3bar


  • volume: 200L

Measuring ranges

  • temperature: 0...160°C
  • flow rate: 0...1000L/h