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Universal IC Tester-2

Universal IC Tester-2

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Product Description

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Universal IC Tester-2.
·  Tests most of the 6 to 40 pin ICs in DIP package. The list includes 74/54, 40/45, 93/96 series ICs, EPROMs, RAMs, peripheral ICs, microprocessor (8088/8085/Z80/6502), operational amplifiers, voltage comparators, transistor arrays, optocouplers, analog switches, voltage followers, timers, A to D converters, D to A converters and miscellaneous analog ICs.
·  Automatic testing of variety of ICs.
·  Potential free 20 pin ZIF socket for testing analog ICs and 40 pin universal ZIF socket for testing digital ICs are provided.
·  16 character x2 line LCD dot matrix display and 24 keys keyboard for man to machine communication and easy operation.
·  Single step mode enables the user to test the IC step by step.
·  Self test facility to test the internal modules of the IC tester automatically at power on and also through 'SELF TEST' key of the keyboard.
·  Audio alarm to user whenever it is required.
IC PACK : Digital ICs up to 40 pins and analog ICs up to 20 pins in DIP package.
IC TYPE : Tristate, open collector & bidirectional TTL/CMOS digital ICs also analog ICs as per list.
TEST BY : Truth table comparison for digital ICs. Functional test of output for various input conditions for analog ICs.
ZIF : 20 pin DIP ZIF for analog ICs and 40 pin Universal ZIF for digital ICs.
KEY : 24 keys.
DISPLAY : 16 character x 2 line.