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Universal Process Control Trainer

Universal Process Control Trainer

Product Details:


Product Description

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Universal Process Control Trainer.

Universal Process Control Trainer


To demonstrate wide range of experiments, applications and advanced control techniques using industry  standard instrumentation and controls.


DCS control

MODBUS communication

SCADA software

Manual tuning and Auto tuning

Patch board configurable experiments

Facility to introduce external controller

SS wetted parts

Inbuilt compressor and plunger pump with VFD

Study of I/P, DPT, control valve, valve positioner

Study of rota meter, orifice meter, venture meter

Temperature, flow, level, pressure control

On-off, P, PI, PID control, PLC control

Open loop tuning by process reaction curve

Closed loop tuning by Zigler Nicholas method

Staility analysis by Bode plot

Cascade, Feed-forward and Ratio control

Three element control and interactive control

Technical Specifications

Product: Universal Process Control Trainer

Type of control: DCS and SCADA

Control unit: Hybrid controller, AI 8, AO 4, DI 16, DO 16, Control loops 8 with

Communication: RS232, RS485, Ethernet

Software packages: DCS: Hybrid Control Designer, SCADA: Wondware In touch 64 Tags

Temperature sensor: RTD, PT100, Range 0-100 deg.C, 2Nos

Temperature transmitter: PT100, Type 2 wire, Range 0-100 deg.C, Output 4-20mA, 2Nos

Flow transmitter: DPT, Type 2 wire, Range 0 - 200 mm H2O, Output 4 - 20 mA, Sq. Root

Level transmitter: DPT, Type 2 wire, Range 0 - 500 mm H2O, Output 4 - 20 mA, Linear

Level transmitter: GPT, Type 2 wire, Range 0 - 600 mm H2O, Output 4 - 20 mA

Pressure transmitter: GPT, Type 2 wire, Range 0 - 2.5 bar, Output 4 - 20 mA

Position transmitter: Type Electronic, 2 wire, O/P 4 - 20mA

I/P converter: Input 4-20mA, Output 3 -15 psig (2Nos)

Heating control: Proportional power controller (SSR), Input 4 - 20 mA

Heater: Type Electrical 2 coil, Capacity 3 KW

Rotameter: 40-400LPH

Process tank: Capacity 7.5liter, 0-100% scale, SS304

Interacting tank: Capacity 7.5liter, 0-500mm scale, SS304 (2Nos)

Supply tank: Capacity 27liter, SS304

Float switch:Type Magnetic (2 nos.)

Solenoid valves: Type 2/2way normally closed, 1/4"BSP, water (2Nos)

Control valve: Type: Pneumatic, Size:1/2", 

Power supply: Supply 230VAC, output 24V DC (2Nos)

VFD: Input single phase 200VAC, 1.1A, output AC3 phase

Pump: Fractional horse power, type centrifugal

Plunger pump: Positive displacement Plunger pump, Cap 200Lph

Air filter regulator: Range 0-2.5 kg/cm2

Pressure gauge: Range 0-2.5 kg/cm2(3Nos), Range 0-7 kg/cm2

Flow measurement devices: Orifice meter (3Nos), Venturi meter

Compressor: 1 Hp,3.8CFM, 10 kg/cm2 with 45 lit inbuilt tank receiver

Overall dimensions: 1150mmL x 800mmW x 1900mmh