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Water Cooling Tower

Water Cooling Tower
Water Cooling Tower
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Product Code : THSS-166
Product Description

Advanced Technocracy Inc. is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Water Cooling Tower.


Bench top unit to demonstrate operation of a forced draught cooling tower, comprising tower base with air circulation, water reservoir with heater and make-up tank, and a control console with recirculation pump and instrumentation

Supplied with one standard packed column, dimensions 150mm x 150mm x 600mm, comprising 10 plates giving 110m²/m³

Three additional columns are available as options for comparison (bare column, 7 plates and 18 plates)

The columns are manufactured from clear plastic to allow viewing of water flow through the system

The columns are easily interchangeable without the use of tools


The Basic Water Cooling Tower is completely self-contained and includes both the simulated heating load and the circulating pump. It has much the same configuration as a full size force drought cooling tower, has the same characteristics and stabilizes quickly.

In this unit a fan is placed at the base of the tower to drive air upwards through the packing. Natural buoyancy assists the fan and helps dissipate the humid air from the top of the tower.

The packing in the cooling tower breaks the water into thin films or droplets which present a large surface area to the air stream and thereby assist the cooling process. The water is cooled largely by evaporation and, to a small extent, by direct contact cooling. Due to the evaporation of some of the water into the air stream, a continuous supply of fresh water must be added to the system. This ‘make-up’ is normally less than 5% of the cooling water flow rate. A float valve is provided to allow accurate measurement of ‘make-up’. When the cooled water falls to the load tank it is reheated before circulation.